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Head of Management: Niels De Graaf

Our work:
The management team of R2C2 is made up of several people to ensure that the project runs in the best conditions as possible by creating a healthy cohesion in the team. It is important for every team member, that we keep this project as interactive as possible with meetings, where everyone can bring in their ideas and thoughts. Therefore, the gatherings are made in such a way, so there is a great distinction between general meetings and technical meetings. Moreover, the relevance of our work is in generating a routine for this project to keep the motivation of our most esteemed team mates. Our task is to estimate the time of each task and correlate them with each other and inscribe them within the different boundaries of our project which are the time frame, the budget frame and our dependence of external actors. Mentioning those external actors, it is also our task to communicate with the different stakeholders and suppliers of our project. We take care of the communication of the team with the BEXUS/REXUS comity, our professors in our university, our sponsors and the institutes helping us for testing our equipment.

Our challenges:
One of the main challenges is make sure that there is a clear communication between the designing teams. It is crucial, that for instance the thermal team has a clear overview of the requirements of the electrical components used in the project and inform mechanical about the parts that need casing to include in their design. In addition this process has to be done while checking that it for example does not affect the scientific objectives. The project has many facets, making it a task for us, that requires a lot of attention. Since our project is dependent on other institutions work, such as the radar that we use for tracking chaff for our experiment, it is also a challenge to keep contact with all our external collaborations and keeping on promoting our project.