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Thermal Department

Head of Thermal Department: Adam Hoehne

Why do we care about thermal conditions?
The electronic components do not like being overly cold or hot. When they get outside of their preferred temperatures, they begin to malfunction.

What are the temperatures outside?
The temperatures outside near the ground is between 5°C and -10°C, at the tropopause it is between -65°C and -80°C, and at the floating height it is -45°C, while the components prefer to be above -25°C.

How do we keep the preferred temperature?
We use an insulating box.

What is this insulating box?
The box contains PU foam, aluminum foil, and plastic foil.

Why do we use these materials?
The foam is to provide temperature protection from the outside, the aluminum is to maintain an equal temperature within the box, and the plastic foil is to prevent any electrical conductance issues caused by the aluminum foil.

Is this box enough to protect the components?
No, there is also the heater which is turned on when the components start to feel cold.

Are there any big issues being dealt with in the thermal area?
The constraints on the insulation is the size and the weight of the insulation, both of which have not caused any large disputes.

Have you manufactured the insulation boxes?
No, that will be done later in the summer.

What’s current in the Thermal department?
We are doing a lot of thermal simulations to optimize the insulation.